Melissa Divinity


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Natural Detox Mentor
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I help you become the best version of yourself through self-care, alignment, & 
detox practices.


"The Body is the Holy Temple, the Holy Land"

- Santos Bonacci

I am Melissa Irene, aka Melissa Divinity

"A nickname that stuck", and actually helped me to become more aligned with my divine journey in this life!
My love for humanity as a whole, leads me to share how I nourished my mind, body & soul with sacred practices and living in harmony with nature. 
As a certified Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Healer, Diplomat of Earth Steward, and Ordained Minister, it is with joy that I share my journey to personal health through sacred self-care practices and creating all natural organic self and home-care products.  

As an intuitive empath, I was drawn toward self-care and purifying myself. Once I realized I was born into toxicity and recreating it subconsciously in my life, I decided to take responsibility for my health. Knowing true wealth is health, I focused on ways to thrive and live healthier with daily steps to incorporate what I learned. 


I woke up to a better path, after much study. Now, I share how my self-care and detoxing practices, that connect with nature, helped me nourish and grow into awarenesses about the sacredness of the body as a Holy Temple. 

Juniper Plant

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I am a nature aligned detox leader, a spiritual nutritionist

I am not a dietician, health care provider or doctor.