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Melissa Divinity


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Natural Detox Mentor
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I help you become the best version of yourself through self-care, alignment, & 
detox practices.


"The Body is the Holy Temple, the Holy Land"

- Santos Bonacci

I am Melissa Irene, aka Melissa Divinity

"A nickname that stuck", and actually helped me to become more aligned with my divine journey in this life!
My love for humanity as a whole, leads me to share how I nourished my mind, body & soul with sacred practices and living in harmony with nature. 
As a certified Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Healer, Diplomat of Earth Steward, and Ordained Minister, it is with joy that I share my journey to personal health through sacred self-care practices and creating all natural organic self and home-care products.  

As an intuitive empath, I was drawn toward self-care and purifying myself. Once I realized I was born into toxicity and recreating it subconsciously in my life, I decided to take responsibility for my health. Knowing true wealth is health, I focused on ways to thrive and live healthier with daily steps to incorporate what I learned. 


I woke up to a better path, after much study. Now, I share how my self-care and detoxing practices, that connect with nature, helped me nourish and grow into awarenesses about the sacredness of the body as a Holy Temple.

I also study the Holy Science which complies so many sacred insights and also reveals how to read astrology. Reading my own birth natal chart of the stars placement at my time of birth, really opened my eyes to the angles of light in my life that are a reflection of my expression.  I really enjoy reading birth natal charts and I offer readings; in order to help you know yourself better, like it helped me! We can discover so many hidden truths from the stars and their angle of light connected to you at your time of birth. 

I created a program to help balance and clean the body to help prepare for the ascension of the Christ Consciousness and to assist in the divine plan of planetary ascension. 

When you know yourself in a sacred way, and detox the body, the mind and emotional bodies become clear and your spiritual nature is experienced. 

Juniper Plant

Call (512)698-4602 for a free consultation.

I am a nature aligned detox leader, a spiritual nutritionist

I am not a dietician, health care provider or doctor.

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