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Wild Medicinal Weeds

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Mother Earth Embodied
Whole, Healed, Holy, Compassionate
Nature Guide, Earth Lover Medicinal/Tonic Food Specialist
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Diplomat of Earth Stewardship
Self-Care Specialist
Detox Consultant
Certified Yoga Instructor 
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Ordained Minister

Melissa Irene has created an all-natural, effective protocol that she discovered on her journey to health. Her passion for health led her to share her story. She is an ordained minister, self-care enthusiast, focused on nature and detoxing. She is a certified yoga instructor who enjoys supporting others in their drive to be healthier. Learning and growing daily herself, sharing her journey to a healthy life.  After witnessing many of her family members not getting better from doctors’ advice and pharmaceuticals, she was led to do research on alternative natural therapies. Experiencing adrenal fatigue from a toxic life, food toxins, pharmaceutical medications, addictions, and abusive relationships, she learned how to remove toxins and help her body thrive. Her passion to help herself and others feel better encouraged her to share what helped her recover her personal health. She shares how to potentially detox the body and home. She teaches how to make natural organic self-care and home-care products.  Melissa leads by example harmonizing her life with nature, and now she helps others with self-care and detox practices. She incorporates natural wild weeds as a daily source of nutrition, and teaches about the benefits of plants. She alters recipes to replace harmful ingredients with tonic herbs. Her goal is to share how she was able to cleans and balance her body and inspire you. She devotes her life to sharing knowledge about nature to serve humanity.

Melissa has developed a passion for learning and sharing information about harmonizing with nature and aligning with the vibrancy of health! (Melissa is not a licensed dietician or to be used as advice for your health, please make sure to discuss your health with your regular doctor/healthcare provider.)  She has developed a Detox program all about self-care, utilizing natures gifts. She prepares healthy, antioxidant & nutrient-dense foods, that taste delicious plus offer an abundance of healthy properties. Melissa attended several cooking classes learning the essential ways of macrobiotic cooking and Raw & Vegan Courses. Combining local organic food, super nutrition & longevity information she creates a vortex of abundant holistic health.  As a certified yoga instructor, she finds joy in artfully aligning Asanas to facilitate physical alignment, which allows the natural flow of Divine energy.  She enjoys sharing her journey to better health and tips on how to prevent dis-ease, how to easily incorporate healthy & "medicinal" foods into routine life, GMO detoxification, and transition into a self-empowering lifestyle.

​Melissa has created two children's books to share sacred knowledge about our world, one "Planets of the week" and the other "ABC Affirmations" check it out.