About Melissa


Reiki Attuned

Ordained Minister

Yoga Instructor

Private & Small Group

Elite Wellness Coach

Holistic Health



Culinary Wizard Coaching

Food Allergies & Intolerance

Raw Vegan Chef

Healthy cooking / Meal planning

Diet and Detoxification


Digestive Wellness

Medicinal/Tonic Food Specialist
Holistic Wellness Instructor


Melissa has developed a passion for learning and sharing information about healthy antioxidant & nutrient-dense foods, that taste delicious plus offers an abundance of healing properties. Melissa attended several cooking classes learning the essential ways of macrobiotic cooking and Raw & Vegan Courses. Combining local organic food, superior nutrition & longevity information she creates a vortex of abundant holistic health.  As a certified yoga instructor, she finds joy in artfully aligning Asanas to facilitate physical alignment, which allows the natural flow of Divine energy.  She enjoys sharing her journey to better health and tips on how to prevent dis-ease, how to easily incorporate healing & medicinal foods into routine life, GMO detoxification, and transition into a self-empowering lifestyle.