How to ascend your consciousness with your body and mind

Greetings, you do not know me, but I am you, in a weird way, we are all one, a spirit in a body experiencing our souls evolution through functioning physically and enduring the consequences of our thoughts and actions in every second of this life, whether you like it or not, so you might as well love it, because that is the only way to advance to a higher state of being and living in this life.

So to start, one must know thyself and be open to learning, growing and changing to evolve for the better, or the good. One must close their eyes and feel inside, and breathe and relax into the physical body temple as perfect and whole, completely supported and guided by love. because you are love, born from love, into love, out of love, from love, as love to be loved and to love. Every breath matters, every thought counts, so take control of your vessel and be the captain of your ship, and maintain the higher thoughts, words, works and actions to be of high vibration, intention and energetically aligned with good, positive and life affirming ways. In this knowing that you are the beloved of the all mighty great creator, here to fulfill your purpose, which is to love. So start with loving yourself. love has proper boundaries, so knowing how to feed yourself, as the divine being that you are is a beginning step. feed yourself spiritually with pray and meditation, connect with a higher source, by surrendering in your heart that you are loved, protected, guided and known by your creator to be in bliss and able to live in harmony with nature. Drinking pure clean water, distilled is best if you ask me, it is easy to make, boil water, and catch the steam to make it yourself. Next would be how to nourish your body. There are several wild weeds, plants and trees that contain every mineral, vitamin or amino acid your body temple will need. Some are poisonous, so it is best to do some research to understand nature, or study with someone who knows wild crafting and harvesting. however, most grasses and dandelions are safe for teas. It is important to stay away from white sugar, flour, processed foods, most dairy, all meat, and over cooked foods. I am available to help convert your eating habits and pantry ingredients for a kitchen makeover, and share healthy recipes with you.

So, once you start to serve your body the food, you would serve your god, or your yourself as a holy temple, knowing whatever you put in your mouth is creating and passing through your physical body, impressing onto you its essence. so being fresh and healthy is what you eat that is fresh and healthy. if you eat bread gluten, it clogs up your frontal lobe where your pineal gland is, your third or first eye...your ability to see beyond this 3d world. when you eat dead animals called meat, you allow the suffering the animal went through to penetrate your soul, so it may affect your mood, or emotions, and will affect your body, that dead being stays in your physical temple and releases worms that eat decaying dead flesh, inserting that into your own stomach, only invites those parasites into your holy temple. this is a disgrace, now that your blood is now contaminated with the animals blood, there are ways to cleanse the blood, manjishta is a good herb also, mms, i can teach you how to make it, mms is miracle mineral solution or cds chlorine dioxide solution. So please do not be too overwhelmed by this knowledge. there are several ways to help purify your blood, but it will take work and time. I am here to help you do this if you are interested, let me know.

So therefore eating sprouts, and organic fruits and veggies, wild weeds, and teas made with natures wild plants and trees give the best nutrition if you ask me. Once the proper healing healthy diet is attained, and detox is probably necessary, i am a detox coach, let me know if you need assistance to detox poisons, metals or parasites out of your holy temple body of the living god. we love you and wish for us all to be our best selves.

With the body in alignment by proper eating and drinking, with natures nurturing gifts, one is able to move the body and align the body with proper yoga asanas to stretch and strengthen the body with breath work also helps clear blockages and heal the body faster.

Aligning your chakras (chakras are energy fields in the body along the spine up the body) which can be done in a few ways, the foundation of the chakras are spiritual, as in associated with your moral and ethic code and your words, actions, vibrational alignment as in mood and emotions and ideas. In physical and metaphysical terms, turning your vices into virtues. You might be thinking what are those, well according to my research, they are associated with the 7 chakras and the 7 deadly sins.....

The Root Chakra is red, Muladhara it is about survival and trust, it is connected to the heart of the mother earth, is blocked by fear and being a sloth. So being diligent helps it work properly and be clear one must live in a love for themselves. This is a 4 petal lotus flower representing the root chakra energy portal near the base of your spine. Its Mantra is 'LAM'

The Sacral Chakra is orange. Svadhisthana it is about pleasure and sexuality and creativity. it is connected to the whale matrix/ocean matrix. It is blocked by guilt and lust. So being chaste is recommended, or soul ties will create challenging life experiences, and keep your sacral chakra blocked, so its best to abstain from extamarital sexual relations. This is a 4 petal lotus flower near the sex organs. Its mantra is "VAM"

The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow, Manipura it is about wisdom, and will power, the soul star. Blocked by shame and greed. Being charitable helps keep your solar plexus open. This is a 10 petal lotus flower portal at the stomach area. Its mantra is 'RAM'

These are all the lower three chakras, underneath the heart, the center garden is the heart, the earth, where we live, if you drop below the heart and stay in these lower three chakras, the colors of fire, representing the lower realms, possible hell, if you stay in the lower realms in a negative way, you will be in a state of hell. That is why living through the heart is so important.

The Heart Chakra is green, Anahata is about love and healing, the stellar gateway, Blocked by grief, fury and envy. Being kind and loving opens the heart gate. This is a 12 petal lotus flower in the heart and its mantra is 'YAM'

The Throat Chakra is blue, Vishudda is about Truth, communication, the earth star, blocked by lies and gluttony. Truth and Temperance help open the throat chakra. A 16 petal flower lotus in the throat and its mantra is "HAM"

The 3rd eye or 1st eye Chakra is indigo, Ajna, is about insight, awareness and blocked by illusion and wrath. Patience and calm and clarity help balance and open this chakra. a 96 petal lotus in the center of the forehead, its mantra is 'SHAM'

The Crown Chakra is violet white light, Sahasrara is about spirtuality, christ consciousness, cosmic energy, and is blocked by ego attachment and pride, and is connected to the great central sun. being humble and having humility opens the crown chakra on top of the head in the center, opens up to Divine Connection, it is a 1,000 petal lotus flower, and its mantra is 'AUM'

When all of your chakras are aligned and spinning properly and open for the good of you and others, all of the lotus petal flowers add up to 144 thousand the number of the enlightened christians that are chosen to assist in the planetary ascension and harmonize the collective consciousness with the christ consciousness through the ascension process.

So for the energy of the Mother Earth to travel up your body, to energize you with your two barefeet, this energy goes up the body and is essential for grounding and healing the body, and the negative energy is taken off of your body temple when you ground by placing your bare feet on the earth. Taking deep breaths, letting the sun on your face is very necessary for good health and to be able to ascend your body and consciousness.

Together with proper knowledge, we can ascend our personal consciousness, to each individual consciousness and raise the collective consciousness, With proper eating, thinking and doing, may we all raise the christ consciousness up and through our own bodies to resonate bliss and love and live in harmony with nature.


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