The Yule Tide, the real birth of the Eternal Savior

I was raised in a Baptist orphanage. I went to church every Sunday and most Wednesday nights. The church taught me about the Holy Trinity; God: The Father, Jesus: The Son and The Holy Ghost: the Holy Spirit. I learned that Jesus is the Son of God and I was taught to pray in His name. I was guided by the church attendees to pray and ask that Jesus enters my heart. I was then instructed to accept Him into my heart. I did not fully understand what that meant as a child, other than to love the son of God (Jesus) and to imagine the feeling of His presence in my heart. They told me that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. I was told that if I follow the 10 commandments and live by the golden rule of treating others how I’d like to be treated, then, when I died, I would go to Heaven and live in bliss for eternity with God, Jesus and the Angels. This was such an intriguing story for me and an esoteric concept for me to try to process and comprehend as a child. I went to Sunday School and I studied to learn about the 10 commandments. I asked for forgiveness for anything wrong that I thought I had done. I learned that repentance meant to not repeat the bad thing again, that I had just asked for forgiveness in prayer. I was a faithful and practicing “Christian” my whole life. I studied other religions and astrology along the way. I then became aware of a few similarities between them all.

The phrase "as above, so below" is an ancient quote to describe the idea that what happens in a higher realm or plane of existence also happens in a lower realm. It comes from an ancient piece of writing called the Emerald Tablet. (Craiker,, 2022)

In my late 30’s, I was introduced to Astrotheology. Astrotheology, is the worship of the stars (individually or together as the night sky), the planets, and other heavenly bodies as deities, and the association of deities with heavenly bodies. (, 2022).

From my perspective, Astrotheology is a study and theory based on the stars being celestial personalities. The stars represent a pattern or a code, theorized to be a way to connect with Source and read the stars. The stars are the celestial beings above us, indicating an energetic connection between the stars above us and the energies played out on the planet. Astrotheology reveals the timeline in biblical texts as allegorical in nature, meaning there is a deeper meaning to the stories in the Bible, than the surface level of understanding that is being taught in most churches. Astrotheology and Syncretism reveal the Sun and the 12 Constellations in the Zodiac, as Jesus and the 12 Disciples.

Syncretism (/ˈsɪŋkrəˌtɪzəm, ˈsɪn-/)[1] is the practice of combining of different beliefs and various

schools of thought. Syncretism involves the merging or assimilation of several originally discrete

traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, thus asserting an underlying unity

and allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths. (,


This became intriguing when I learned about the constellations, their occult meanings, and energetic imprint. Each Zodiac sign or constellation has somewhat of a reputation or character. Apparently, each planet is connected to or “rules” a certain constellation in the Zodiacal Wheel of Time and Space that the Sun travels through yearly, like clock work. For instance, the Sun has the energy of Jesus (the son of God) and rules the constellation Leo (the Lion of Judah), which represents the heart of the solar system in the astral body known as Adam Kadmon.

Aries is ‘at the head’ of the whole zodiac circle of ‘Adam-Kadmon’ – the Alpha to Omega

Archetype of Humanity. (Archer,,


The study of the stars continued to reveal insights and allegories about what I had learned in church as a child. Religion and Astrology began to relate and make more sense in my mind and resonated as truth in my spirit, especially when referring back to when I was asked to accept Jesus into my heart. I saw that it was related to the Sun’s rulership over the constellation Leo. Astrotheology connects the energies within us on the planet to the planets above us. It depicts the movement of the Sun and stars through the Zodiac as a story of the human soul through time, as the story of Jesus’s life.

So, with that in mind, I’d like to share with you what I discovered about the story of Christmas, according to Syncretism. Beginning with the ecliptic, which is the path of the Sun through the Zodiac, creating a sine wave along the celestial equator.

One complete “S”, represents a year of the Sun’s travels through the Zodiac. The circle is the Earth and the middle line is the Equator. The constellations are the star patterns in the sky that represent the Zodiac, which is the wheel of time and space that depict the seasons. Starting with Aries at the Spring Equinox on March 21st, the day of equal day and night, which happens twice a year and again at the Fall Equinox, September 21st. The longest day, shortest night, is the Summer Solstice on June 21, and the Winter Solstice is the lowest point of the path of the Sun with the longest night, shortest day.

From the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, on the 21st of December, the lowest point is at the Winter Solstice.

From the point of the Winter Solstice, we wait three days until the 25th of December, Christmas

Day! What happens on the horizon is very interesting between these three days, there appears to

be no movement of the Sun. As an example of how the planets move, The Sun’s path mimicks the

Moon’s cycle. Like a new Moon disappears on the new Moon cycle, we have a “new” Sun on

December 25, when it begins to move on the horizon, after it seems to stop moving on the horizon

for three days, after the Winter Solstice.


(an example of the moon cycle, the new moon disappears for 3 days then reappears, like it is reborn) The Moon has a cycle of 29 ½ days and the Sun has a cycle of 365 days. Like the Moon cycle, the Sun “disappears” for 3 days after its new cycle begins on the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

The Sun reappears on the horizon on the 25th of December, Christmas day. The “birthday” of the

Son of God, the Christ or baby Jesus (the Sun) according to the Christian teachings.

During those three days, there is no movement on the horizon, so the Sun appears to stop.

Although, it's just an appearance. The Sun continues on its travels to the Summer Solstice on June

21st, as it passes through the Spring Equinox point on March 21st, where it also appears to stop

again for three days (Easter and the Passover are celebrated on this date). When the Sun reaches

the Summer Solstice it appears to stop for three days, and again on the Fall Equinox on September

21st (Yom Kippur, the day of atonement or Judgment is celebrated here in the Jewish tradition,

when the Sun enters Libra; the Judge or scales of justice). These places where the Sun appears to

stop are called the crucifixion. The Sun is crucified or “crosses over” these four major markers of

time on the Cardinal Cross quarter days (4 times a year) of the year that the Sun completes a cycle

in 365 days. So, when the Sun arrives at the Winter Solstice, it's considered to be dead, because it

is Winter. Everything is in a state of

coma and death in the Winter season. This is the finishing line

of the Sun. The Sun dies on the 21st, and gets a an arrow, from the constellation of Sagittarius, in

the heel. This is where Hercules gets wounded in the Achilles heel, and where Jesus gets nailed to

the cross on the foot (in the heel). Symbolically, it is a very cruel time for the Sun, the lowest point,

also referred to as Hell.

The Sun is considered to be an infant when you observe the Sun in Winter. The Sun is actually

physically smaller in Winter than it is in Summer. When the Sun climbs up through the equinox to

the Tropic of Cancer, it is in its glory, and radiant. Opposite, in the Winter Solstice, at the Tropic of

Capricorn, the Sun is like a little baby. This is why, three days after the Winter Solstice, we celebrate

the birthday of the son (Sun) on the 25th of December.

(Bonnaci,,, 2012)

Eight days later, is January 1st, New Year’s Day. The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ is a

Christian celebration of the circumcision of Jesus in accordance with Jewish tradition, on January 1

in the liturgical calendar of the Eastern Orthodox

(, 2022)

According to Santos Bonacci, the word year, comes from yeah, because the yes represents the Sun

(that goes up and down, like nodding your head yes) that generates a 365 day year. So the year

gets circumcised, right on cue, at the end of the year and a new year begins. (Bonacci,, 2018)

After the Sun is “born” on the 25th of December and gets circumcised eight days later on January

1st, the old year is cut off and the New Year begins. The Sun continues to move through the

Zodiac, up to the cross over day at the Spring Equinox on March 21st. Where we celebrate Easter,

and the Passover, because now the Sun has passed over and that is when tradition teaches to eat

the sacrificial lamb, (where we enter the constellation of Aries where the ram or lamb is the sacred

symbol of the star constellation of Aries). The Lamb of God that forgives for all the sins of Winter.

Everything under the celestial equator is considered to be “sinful”, because the sinewave of the Sun

creates positive and negative energies on its travels,

and everything above the equator is

considered positive and below the equator is negative. The blo

od of the lamb is what saves,

because, when the Sun goes through Aries, it “kills” the lamb and it brings the Spring. Three days

later, on the 25th of March is the day when Mary receives a visit from Gabriel (Mercury) who says,

“You will conceive a son.” and the 25th of December is nine months lat

er, when the Sun is born. So

Mary (Mother Mary, the Earth and Water) the Virgin, produces the Sun on the 25th of December.

(Bonacci,, 2012)

This awareness of the path of the Sun through the Zodiac has really opened my awareness to what most of the historical holidays represent according to the path of the Sun. I find this information so fascinating and I hope you do as well. As you light the Yule log on Christmas Eve, to honor the eternal light of the Savior (our Sun) I am with you in the light of truth.

Happy Yuletide Blessings, Because it is written in the stars! Melissa Irene Divinity


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