Draws out impurities, An all natural detox blend mix that removes toxins like mold, lead and other heavy metals and parasites. Great to remove "big guts" and worms in the intestines. 

Helps maintain blood sugar levels, and feel less hungry, helps reverse gout and inflammatory bowl syndrome...helps treat diarrhea, ulcers, digestive issues, and aids in weight loss...
May help with lowering cholesterol. 
Adds essential minerals to the temple body.  Also great as a hangover relief, helps reduce gas, and reverse food poisoning.  drink lots of water and add magnesium oil to your skin when detoxing to help the process, stay hydrated!  this is a month supply and after three months, take a month break before starting the detox again.  Helps skin, hair and nails also.  Call for special add ins to your blend to make it specific for you. 

Divine Detox Mix