A Clay pot with a lid, organic roses, and other organic flowers, blue butterfly pea is one I love to add to the roses. A few reiki infused crystals, add your favorite wishes and dreams to the crystals!.  Just add all ingredients into the clay pot, add some clean boiling water, cover for a few minutes with the lid it comes with.  Make sure you are setting the scene, somewhere sacred, a flat space out in earth, on a towel, with a towel drapping you, is a nice scene.  Or in the house, with some candles, and incense.  Once you are ready, remove the lid, and place your heels faced up on both sides of the pot, as you are on your chins.  Sit back on to your feet, as to place yourself over the steam. Drape a towel over your waist or chest to trap the heat in and do some deep breathing, and imagining the steams power in anointing your sacred places.

Reiki Crystals & Roses, Yoni Steam Pot