Prescription Intervention

How are your medications affecting you really?

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Doctors mean well, but sometimes, the pharmaceutical pills you are taking, may deplete essential minerals needed for optimal health. Want to know how your prescription drugs are affecting your health and depleting certain nutrients from your body? Let's discuss what medications you are taking and what nutrients they may be depleting and some natural remedies to help maintain balance in your life.   Yes, the doctors give you medications to suppress symptoms, its only a matter of time when they return with a vengeance if you don't solve the issue that started the problem in the first place.  Learn what essential nutrients your body needs and how to find them in nature and natural products.  Learn when to take natural remedies and when not to.  Did you know, for instance, that all statin drugs deplete Co-Q-10 and that sets the body up for a heart attack?  There are ways to balance nature and science for your optimum health.  Let's pay attention to you and really get to the solutions. If you're interested in discovering the key to your highest and best self please give me a call at 512.698.4602 for a free consultation! Melissa is not a doctor, or a licensed dietician or educated in the medical system in any way. Please refer to your health care professional for your health care needs. Any information received from Melissa is not legal, or liable for any injury or loss from advice, only for information.

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