A massage table that vibrates the physical through sound frequencies!

  • 15 minutes
  • 15 US dollars
  • Anywhere

Service Description

Daily stress makes our cells acidic, and we tend not to fill the cells up to an optimal oxygen level. These traces of stress are stored as waste products in cells and blood vessels which may, in time, lead to serious consequences for our health. Low-frequency sound vibrations through may contribute to clean the cells, increase oxygenation and reduce acidity. The ResoBed - Melt Away Your Stress Achieve Deep Relaxation Soothe Body, Mind, and Spirit Feel Balanced, Peaceful and Rejuvenated Lower Blood Pressure Manage Pain - and MORE - Without Meds ... The ResoBed helps in reducing blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels, as was reported on CNN - Dec.17, 2004. What does the ResoBed do for you? 2 Transducers produce an effect by which physical vibrotactile vibrations are felt by your body. The vibes literally bathe you with relaxing, healing vibrations and encapsulate you in soothing sounds as your stresses evidently melt away. This cutting edge sound resonator vibrates at a variety of speeds at the same time, due to the different vibrational rates of each note in a piece of music. The ResoBed stimulates the muscles, increases blood flow and moves fluid throughout the body. The use of sound vibrations triggers the Relaxation Response in the body naturally, without prescription drugs. This results in decreased muscle tension, a lowered heart rate and blood pressure, a deeper breathing pattern, calming of the stomach, and a peaceful, pleasant mood. The ResoBed is a versatile technology that incorporates music into them which permeates the table and the body, gently introducing the body to a deeper state of relaxation. This deepened state of relaxation allows for more receptivity to any healing modality or meditation. The ResoBed is also excellent for Whole Body Vibration.  The type of soundscapes played in the ResoBed as well as the quality of the transducers will determine the effect that you feel. Uses for the ResoBed Tactile Sound Massage Table includes: ~ Enhanced Relaxation ~ ~ Stress Reduction ~ ~ Lower Blood Pressure ~ ~ Build Bone, Reduce Fat ~ ~ Sound Massage Therapy ~ ~ Myofascial Release ~ ~ Pain Management ~ ~ Parkinson's Spasms & Tremors ~ ~ Dealing with Fibromyalgia ~ ~ Coping with Autism ~ ~ Inner Sound Journeys ~ ~Increase Oxygenation~ ~Reduce Acidity~ ~ Virtual Dolphin Therapy ~ ~ Lessen Burnout Rate for Massage Therapists ~ ~ Deepened Meditation Levels ~ ~ Whole Body Vibration ~ ~ Calming Restless Behavior ~ ~ Stimulating Creativity ~

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