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Let me start by making perhaps a bold statement but a neurologically correct one.., ‘Physical pain is a function of the mind and not the body’. If the signal from the affected body part is interrupted from getting to or from the brain, the pain disappears. In fact without a signal from nerves reaching the brain to be decoded.., there is no sensation at all. This is what many pain-relieving drugs try to achieve. Short term pain is an appropriate response by the body/mind to let you know that something is wrong and/or to remove yourself from the cause of the pain. What happens though when the pain continues and becomes chronic? IE: what happens when the pain goes beyond a short term signal and becomes a long term suffering even though healing is taking place or in some cases has already finished? Specific Uses: Cognitive Enhancement Expanded Consciousness Brainwave Entrainment Pain Control PMS relief Help with Relaxation Improved Wellbeing MIGRAINE relief brainwave entrainment PMS relief with photic stimulation Psychedelic Visual Effects Sensory Deprivation BWE (Brainwave Entrainment), seems to have some promise and positive research results showing pain relief in a non-invasive and drug-free way. And let’s face it.., if you are in pain, then anything requiring effort is a big ask. This is where BWE can be so useful because you don’t have to do anything as far as effort beyond turning the device on. Theta brainwaves, Alpha stimulation and pain relief More common as a useful frequency for pain relief seems to be in the Alpha range. 10Hz being the sweet spot in some studies. The strongest effect was found in the group that used 10Hz photic/light stimulation. Drugs are usually used in this procedure but the side effects of the drugs can be pretty unpleasant. In a study, 24 out of 27 patients received complete headache or migraine relief after just 5 minutes of visual slow-wave entrainment. Gamma and Fibromyalgia: Participants in a study suffering from Fibromyalgia (which is an incredibly uncomfortable and painful condition), there was a significant reduction in the severity of symptoms in the group using Gamma brainwave entrainment with light therapy. If you're interested in learning more about this life changing technology please give me a call at 512.698.4602 for a free consultation!

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