Ultimate Zen Mat

Are you sad? Have Seasonally Affected Disorder? Or just wanna Relax?

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 US dollars
  • Anywhere

Service Description

Our Ultimate Zen Mat contains around 19.5 pounds of 100% Natural Untreated 2-7 mm tumbled Amethyst gems of Brazil origin. The total weight of the mat is 32 pounds. This epic technology is equipped with the EMFs FREE heating system with overheat protection and a NEW digital controller to set and maintain 86°-158°F (30°-70°C) heating temperature. Amethyst crystals isolate and concentrate heating rays in the most absorbable wavelength range 4-16 µm to penetrate up to 8 inches deep. Optional Red Light Photon LEDs and Pulsed Magnetism function creating similar to natural Earth magnetic fields are available as options. This magical mat may also have other stones layers such as natural and ceramic tourmalines, agates, and jade in disks or polished crystals shape. When heated these gems naturally emit pleasant FIR warmth and negative ions directly through the surface and restore the natural electrical field creating a refreshing and recharging environment. If you are sensitive to lack of sun, cold or rainy weather, warming sessions are great to complement your everyday life. Gemstone mattresses reveal crystals' powers and bring vital natural forces of fresh air, mountains, waterfalls, sun warmth and earth’s magnetism into your body. In collaboration with better dietary and exercise patterns sessions on the mat may encourage activity, contribute to spiritual balance, feeling happy and better overall well-being, no matter how dark or chilly it is outside. You can envelop yourself with the pleasant warmth of natural crystals and gemstones which may be helpful to alleviate mood swings and hot flashes bringing you back to normal condition and of a harmonious nature. As a part of your healthy routine warming mat sessions may help you create a relaxing and soothing environment, important for proper muscles and joint function, optimal strength, and flexibility. It can become an important part of your healthy lifestyle no matter how old or young you are. This type of healing technology is usually used to focus warmth and rest on the whole body. It is wide enough for good sleeping and tension reduction which may also bring alleviation of the occasional blue or sad feelings everyone experiences from time to time and encourage restful sleep. If you're interested in experiencing this cutting edge technology please give me a call at 512.586.8960 for a free consultation!

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