Yoga for all ages!

  • 1 hour
  • 30 US dollars
  • Anywhere

Service Description

yoga will be a live feed offered one to two times a week, for a private personal session for those who want to learn yoga from my perspective in the comfort of their own home. The benefits of yoga at different ages. For Pregnant mom, Dads, and even baby yoga with massage instruction. For Mom and Tots, or Dad and Toddler too! It helps to calm the baby or toddler and be in tune with the physical body. For the Elementary School Student School can be stressful, and yoga provides the perfect antidote. Yoga for school kids can support other parts of their curriculum (counting, language learning) as well as building social skills, resilience, confidence, and empathy. As kids (particularly girls) head into the tween/teen years they can benefit from the body awareness and confidence yoga instills through its non-competitive nature and focuses on strength rather than physical appearance. For the Teenager A childhood foundation of yoga can hopefully support strong self-esteem when puberty arrives and peer pressure hits. Many teens (particularly girls) drop out of team and competitive sports out of concern that they aren’t good enough or anxiety over their changing body. If they can maintain a yoga practice, it can help to ground them through these years of change and uncertainty and counter the stress of exams. In Your Twenties Practicing yoga in your twenties can set you up to follow a yoga lifestyle for the rest of your life. Yoga is a practice you can take wherever you go – on your world travels or if you have to move around for work. In your twenties you may deepen your understanding of the philosophy of yoga and start to incorporate a more spiritual practice into your lifestyle – being a yogi may become an integral part of your identity. If you're interested in attending a class, or if you'd like to inquire about a private yoga class, please give me a call at 512.698.4602.

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